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Keeping divorce out of the workplace in Connecticut

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Divorce |

There are times when a person’s personal life spills over into his or her professional one. It is pretty difficult to keep the fact that one is getting divorced a secret from colleagues at the office. When Connecticut employees find they are fodder for water cooler talk, there are ways in which to manage divorce news among co-workers. A divorce can affect professional life in many ways, some of which include needing to keep lawyer’s appointments and possible court appearances.

If at all possible, keep things that need to be done for a divorce separate from work activities. For instance, schedule appointments that have to do with a divorce after working hours or on a weekend or during lunch. If a person’s employment involves traveling often, the attorney should be aware so appointments could be set around a travel itinerary. Never use business email for sending messages regarding private matters like divorce, never take personal calls where they’re likely to be overheard and be sure to be as discreet as possible at the office regarding this private life change.

Personally tell only those individuals who need to know such as a manager and trusted colleagues. Discussing a divorce in the workplace may make some people feel uncomfortable; some things are better left unsaid. If there are colleagues from whom information may be needed such as human resources personnel, it may be better to try to deal with one individual rather than involving many.

A Connecticut lawyer will work with a client’s schedule to go over issues that pertain to the divorce process. A compassionate lawyer will understand the need and desire for a client to keep divorce particulars private from co-workers. The attorney will work with a client to maintain a high level of confidentiality.