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Family law: Latest child support stats released

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Family Law |

The latest child support statistics have been released by the U.S. Census Bureau and they show how many single parents receive support, how many funds are owed and how many of those funds are actually received by payees. Connecticut family law oversees child support payments in the state. Resident payors and payees figure in the overall statistics collected by the bureau.

There are more than 13 million custodial parents living in the country and more than 48% of them are receiving some sort of child support payments. Fewer than 23% have requested government assistance for help to support their children. Stats show that the average amount of child support received in 2013 was $5,774 or less than $500 per month. Only a little better than 65% of those payments were actually received by the payees.

What that means is the average custodial parent who receives child support gets a little better than $325 a month for help with their children. Many custodial parents are getting some payments, but not entirely what is owing. Only 45.6% of payees got the total amount of child support payments owing and that was an increase over 2011 statistics. More than 52% of single mothers who had custody of their children received child support in 2013, while that number was a little better than 31% of custodial fathers. 

A Connecticut family law attorney may be able to help a client to come to a child support agreement. Supporting a child financially is in the child’s best interests and a lawyer may be able to work with a client to see that to fruition. There are many issues that go hand in hand with child support and a lawyer is typically the best person to foot any questions regarding this often confusing and complicated issue.