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August popular with Connecticut residents to decide to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Divorce |

Many people get that free and easy feeling in summer months. That may or may not be the reason that this time of year is when many people decide to divorce. With kids out of school for summer and vacations in high gear, Connecticut couples seem to be able to make the decision to end their marriages in the heat of the season since thoughts of divorce peak in the summertime.

There are two months when people file most often for divorce – March and August. Research shows that this is not a one-off, but has been happening for years. Experts believe that during these months couples get the opportunity to spend more time together and with that often comes the realization that things just aren’t working out. Lawyers suggest couples begin planning for divorce months before actually making the final decision and filing to end their marriages.

Summer months may give individuals the time to complete the tasks associated with divorce. Those include making an inventory of assets, collecting records that might be needed for the process, establishing separate bank accounts, and getting together a support network to help with what will likely be an emotional time. Summer may also offer the time for spouses to consider what they want moving forward as single individuals and to make decisions regarding children.

For Connecticut residents who would like to know more about the divorce process and what it takes to divorce in the state, an attorney is the right person to contact. Divorce can be overwhelming and having some knowledge of the process may relieve some of the stress. A lawyer may be able to help a client right from the moment he or she makes the decision that divorce is on the horizon for his or her marriage.