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Is money the culprit behind most divorce cases?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Divorce |

Money can either bring out the best or the worst in many people. It seems that it can be the root of all evil in a divorce situation. Many Connecticut couples cite money problems as one of the main reasons their marriages erode. Recent studies have shown that financially disadvantaged couples were more apt to divorce rather than those who were more financially stable. 

Researchers also looked at the differences regarding the perception of finances between husbands and wives of various socioeconomic backgrounds. It was found that wives of couples who were in lower income brackets were less satisfied in their relationships than were their partners. In fact, women who started their marriages with higher sociodemographic risk started married life with less satisfaction and that only declined more as the years went on.

Interestingly, the husbands in these marriages — who began their married lives with low satisfaction levels — rebounded in satisfaction after being married from three to fives years. A survey showed that it was only those couples who were the least satisfied initially with their marriages who continued to experience a decline in marriage satisfaction as the years wore on. Findings of the study showed most financially disadvantaged couples had risky and resilient relationships which showed initial stability during what is known as the honeymoon phase. 

There may be many reasons couples divorce and finances may only be one contributing factor. Whatever those reasons are, it might be wise for a Connecticut resident facing divorce to obtain advice from an experienced lawyer. Divorce is rarely easy and having the guidance of an attorney may make the process less likely to be filled with anxiety and stress.