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Should you work with a child therapist during divorce?

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Children are in a difficult position during a divorce. Even if the divorce is advisable, they are watching as their world is turned upside down. Kids can struggle, and they sometimes deal with it alone as their parents face their own difficulties.

They once relied on the fact that both parents would be in their lives each day. They were familiar with their home and surroundings. Now, changes are constantly occurring.

Your child may be living in a new home, going to a new school or dealing with other changes as a result of your divorce. As a parent who wants to do what is best for your child, you may be curious if working with a children’s therapist is the right choice. Could they help your child cope with divorce?

Divorce therapy is a smart choice for children, even if they’ve adjusted well

Children do adjust to changes quickly, as they are adaptable. However, the reality is that your child may be dealing with issues related to your changing routines, losing friends or other concerns in their life. You may find that they don’t want to talk to you or your ex-spouse about their feelings or may suddenly take up new interests while giving up older hobbies. Some children change what they want to be called, defining themselves as a new person in a new situation with a nickname or by using a middle name instead.

These are all things that a children’s therapist can help with. Children may deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns as a result of divorce. They may be unsure how to handle certain emotions at such a young age. That’s where a therapist can help.

What can a therapist do for your child?

For a child who isn’t adjusting well or for whom you want to have a second opinion due to odd behaviors, therapists can help. Therapists are trained to help children understand their emotions and express them in positive ways. A therapist, for example, may help them recognize negative or inaccurate thought patterns, so that they can change to a more positive way of thinking and reduce their anxiety or anxious behaviors.

There are many kinds of children’s therapies, so it’s worth looking into if you are going through a divorce with children. They deserve support, and providing therapy sessions is just one more way to do that in a controlled atmosphere.