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How Connecticut couples can keep things amicable during a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples making the decision to end their relationships often do so with a range of emotions — from sadness to hurt to anger. Connecticut couples going through a divorce are able to do so (even when emotions are running high) in an amicable way for the emotional welfare of each individual and for any children they share. There are just a few things to remember about keeping things civil.

Coming to the realization that divorce has an impact on everyone involved is essential. When a spouse understands that his or her former partner is also likely experiencing stress — in other words, putting oneself in their shoes — it may make for some increased empathy. Understanding, too, that when children see that their parents are making the best of what is likely a sad situation for them, it might help kids to more easily come to terms with a new living situation.

Both individuals should try to have their own support networks in place for when things get rough. Being able to talk to friends and family members may help each person to treat the other with respect as they go through the divorce process. As well, try to sort out contentious issues like those involving finances and get independent legal advice when a solution can’t be found. 

When couples going through divorce think of the larger picture and what is at stake — like the ultimate happiness of their children — they may be more apt to come to amicable decisions. A Connecticut attorney may be able to help a client who wants to keep things civil with a former spouse. Getting legal advice may only help a client to reach agreements with a soon-to-be former partner.