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The major issues that can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Connecticut Family Law Blog, Divorce |

There can be many reasons a couple decides their marriage is no longer working. However, there are some commonalities among many couples who decide that divorce is their only option. Connecticut couples likely share some of these reasons with others around the globe and one of the most contentious issues seems to be that of finances. 

More couples argue over the lack of money than anything else, statistics show. If the couple isn’t on the same page where their finances are concerned, it could cause long-term problems, even when income is plentiful. Following closely as a major reason for divorce is the lack of intimacy in a marriage and that doesn’t always mean a lack of physical intimacy, but lack of a deeper connection. Not feeling close to a partner can cause one or both to feel rejected.

Infidelity can also cause irreparable damage as can abuse. Other issues leading to divorce include physical appearance, addictions, loss of identity, getting married at a very young age, not communicating and getting married for the wrong reasons. With more than 40% of all marriages ending in divorce in the country, couples need to take heed of the warning signs.

If a couple simply can’t seem to get on the same page regarding serious issues, each may wish to speak to a Connecticut attorney about the divorce process and what it entails. Sometimes there are good reasons to part ways and an attorney may be able to help a client to end an unhappy situation no matter what the reasons are. Divorce is often the only way to put an end to a person’s suffering.