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What impact will changing your last name after divorce have?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Divorce |

As a recently divorced person, you may wonder if it is prudent to change your last name to officially reflect this change.

Your last name could be an important way to represent yourself professionally or to signify a new start in other areas of life.

The possibilities

Once you begin a life without your previous spouse, it is common to request a restoration for an old last name you had before the marriage. Many factors can impact this choice, including the length of the legal process and emotional attachment. You may even wish to rename yourself using a name you had not gone by at all before in previous years.

Personal and emotional impact

Even though it is a personal decision, you may find yourself fielding questions from others regarding the switch. If you have children, it is possible that they could get confused about what last name they should use. School documents and other legal paperwork regarding child care need updating if there are any changes, which may make the choice harder.

Some ex-spouses may even prefer to keep their last name from the previous marriage. Using hyphens could also be a suitable option if you prefer to use both your married name and your previous surname.

Professional reasons

Every reason is different, and for many, it is a tricky subject in regards to your line of work. You may build a public career around your first and last name, and wish to keep them the same in order to not confuse other people. If you choose to change your name, it could potentially impact your growing business.