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When Le$$ is Less

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Firm News |

One of the small joys of my life is frothy milk in my morning coffee. It started back when I was living and working as a dancer in Miami. My friend, Lorenzo Monreal, introduced me to his community of fellow defectors from the Cuban National Ballet. We spent a lot time talking over coffee. I discovered café con leche. I didn’t sleep much.

Me and my café con leche addiction moved north again – pre trendy coffee shops on every corner (yes, there was a time). Strong beans were easy to find, but I couldn’t afford an expensive espresso machine, so I made do with milk scalded on the stove.

Years later, Jim (my husband) discovered a cute little contraption, a nifty hand-held, battery operated milk foamer – $9.99! So what if it felt light weight? Compared to other ‘equally good’ gizmos the price was right. That is until it stopped working. It was only $9.99, so we bought another. And when that one conked out, yet another.

This morning, a ‘sponsored post’ for an online resume writing service showed up on my FB feed. It promised all kinds of resume magic for a very low price (which means their staff is paid way less – think about that). User comments were not so happy. There was this, “I’ve had two different online services write my resume and both times they were near unusable.” And this, “The service’s resume read like it just took the job description and spit it out onto the page, it sounded like gibberish and had no relation to me at all.”

Here’s the thing, you can always find someone to do it less good for less money. But you’re likely to waste your time, your emotional investment and your money – money for the faulty materials of course, but dollars you could have been earning from the job it took much longer to get.

By Judy Garfinkel, President of the International Coaching Federation-Connecticut


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