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What are the benefits of forensic accounting in divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2020 | Divorce |

In high-asset divorces or complicated divorce situations, figuring out the financial aspects of your agreement can become difficult and contentious. You may have to do a lot of research and work to uncover every asset, which is not an easy task.

FindLaw suggests that if you think your spouse may be hiding assets or not being completely truthful, then you should consider hiring a forensic accountant.

What a forensic accountant will do

A forensic accountant has specific training in following clues to uncover hidden assets or other financial information. In your divorce, this type of accountant can not only uncover things but also examine your finances to see if there is the potential that there could be additional things you do not know about.

How this helps

Using a forensic accountant ensures that you know about every asset your spouse has and every account or other financial item he or she owns or has ownership in. This is essential in a divorce because you must include everything in your divorce decree to get a fair division of assets.

If you do not uncover something or your spouse gets away with hiding assets and you do not include them in your divorce decree, then you cannot go back and add them in once you become aware of them. As soon as the court finalizes your divorce, you lose out on anything you did not put into the decree.

Because of this, you need to be sure you are aware of every asset, real property, account and other financial items your spouse may have. That is the only way you can ensure you get what you deserve in the divorce, and a forensic accountant has the training and ability to uncover these things for you.