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Why is the rate of gray divorce on the rise?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Divorce |

Connecticut couples like you may look into the possibility of getting a divorce. Despite the fact that you are not at the beginning of your marriage, it is still a feasible option. In fact, more and more older couples are choosing to get a divorce later in life. 

This is gray divorce, and as time goes on, it gets more and more common. But is there a reason for this? 

Changes in divorce perception and overall health 

Forbes looks at some of the reasons individuals have for divorcing later in life. One is that the stigma around divorce continues to decrease over the years. Splitting up with a partner is not the life-shattering, unspeakable ordeal it once was. Many couples divorce and you are not likely to get shunned by society on a whole if you join them. 

Another reason is longevity and health. As our lifespans continue to rise and healthcare improves for many, you can expect to live longer, healthier lives. This means that it is perfectly possible to find a new special someone at or after you hit 50. Because of this, many people are not letting old marriages hold them back. 

Hitting a breaking point after years 

Many people struggle with problems hitting a tipping point after years or even decades of marriage. Financial troubles top this list. For example, if your partner has spending problems they never got under control, it can eventually get to be too much to handle. The same goes with couples that constantly fall in and out of debt. 

These are just a few of the reasons older couples are turning to divorce at higher rates. Whatever the prompting cause is, many find themselves in a better position afterward.