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Legal assistance when representing yourself in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Not every divorce needs intensive legal representation. You may decide that you do not want to hire an attorney to take on your case. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we understand that you may not need someone to manage your case, but we do suggest looking into consulting services. 

There are many ways having an attorney to assist can be beneficial in a divorce situation. By consulting with an attorney, you will only use his or her services when you need them, which can save you money while also allowing you to ensure your case is legally sound. In addition, working with a consulting attorney enables you to stay in control of your case. 


An attorney can be quite beneficial as you prepare for negotiations. He or she likely has a lot of experience with divorces, which allows him or her to give you advice based on experience. This is especially helpful if this is your first divorce and you do not know anything about what to expect. 

Consulting services also include preparing documents. Courts will hold pro se litigants to the same standards as a person represented by an attorney, so you have to be sure your paperwork is correct or it could hurt your case. 

Understand the law

One of the main things that an attorney can assist you with is explaining the specifics of the law to you. Divorce involves various issues, such as asset division and child custody, that have specific laws the court will follow. If you do not understand the law, it could hurt your case. 

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