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How should you go about getting a prenup?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Family Law |

You and your current partner want to marry, but you want to protect yourself and your financial health. Perhaps you worry what your soon-to-be-spouse may think of you if you suggest a prenuptial agreement. How do you break the ice?

CNBC offers tips for discussing and navigating prenups. Learn how to use the conversation to feel closer to your partner while planning for the worst.

Talk about your financial aspirations

If you and your partner do not talk about your finances and financial goals, try easing into the conversation. You may feel uncomfortable discussing your debt, but having a frank conversation helps your partner understand your spending and saving habits, and you learn about hers or his. During the conversation, you may bring up the idea of signing a prenup agreement.

Review the prenup

If your partner agrees to a prenup, have a legal representative draft one for you to look over. While reviewing the legal document, note your questions and ensure you understand everything on the prenup. You and your partner may change the prenup or change the wording for select sentences. The goal is for you both to feel comfortable about the prenup’s contents and the legal protections and peace of mind it provides.

Take your time

Bring up the agreement sooner rather than later. You both should take at least six months to look over the prenup before signing it or requesting changes. If you wait too late to have the conversation or suggest the document, your soon-to-be-spouse may feel ambushed.

Prenuptial agreements do not have to spell doom for your marriage. Instead, they may give you and your partner a sense of peace before and during your marriage.