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Is parallel parenting an option to consider

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2021 | Divorce |

When you and your co-parent can barely exist in the same room without getting into an argument, joint custody may seem like a far-off and distant prospect. This is unfortunate, considering most experts say that sharing custody will provide the best outcome for your child.

Fortunately, however, there is one potential option that can provide your child with the joint custody experience while also shielding them from the possibility of witnessing arguments between co-parents. This is parallel parenting.

Having an equal say in your child’s life

According to Psychology Today, parallel parenting offers numerous benefits to co-parents trying to work out a harmonious way to continue life after the split. First, it provides your child with the support of both parents. Though you will still have visitation schedules, you can also share custody, which means both parents get an equal say in your child’s life. It also means you both have the opportunity for equal involvement, too.

Protecting your child from arguments

Second, it shields your child from the possibility of witnessing arguments between co-parents. This is the main draw of parallel parenting: it reduces or even eliminates the time you have to see your co-parent in person. Instead of meeting face-to-face or even speaking over the phone to one another, you instead conduct all of your communication through text and written media.

This can include third-party messaging applications, emails or text messages. Some parents even write important information down in a notebook, which they then pass to their co-parent through the child when the visitation period comes to a close.

This is a great way to provide stability, support and security to your child while also avoiding the ever-present threat of an argument.