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How do you deal with long distance co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Divorce |

After a divorce, an ideal co-parenting situation would involve both parents living close enough to spend equal amounts of time with their child. Unfortunately, reality does not always shape up that way.

Sometimes, a parent needs to relocate for reasons related to job opportunities, military deployment or taking care of sick family members. In these situations, how does co-parenting continue?

Utilizing technology

Parents discusses cases in which co-parents must deal with long distances between them. Of course, plenty of other co-parents have gone through this exact situation and figured out a system that works for them. No two systems will completely resemble one another, though it is a good idea to peruse through the ideas that other co-parents provide.

Technology is one tool that comes up over and over again, though. This is the best way to close the distance between a co-parent and child even when hundreds or thousands of miles exist between them normally.

It is possible to pick and choose between numerous contacting methods, such as video chats, voice calls or phone calls, text messaging and emailing. Parents can work out a system with their child that meets the child’s needs and offers them a comforting location to reach out to and meet with their parent.

Staying involved in your child’s life

At the same time, it offers parents a way to maintain communication with their children. This is crucial to staying relevant in a child’s life and remaining in their memory. It is often enough to strengthen ties and keep relationships preserved, so that face-to-face meetings lack any sort of awkwardness that might set a relationship back otherwise.