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How does the process of mediation work for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Divorce |

A divorce is a very stressful event. You probably spent years with your ex-spouse running a household together. You have intermingled assets and have to decide who gets what property.

You can go to court to litigate the distribution of assets, or you can pursue a settlement through mediation. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that is less confrontational than litigation. Family courts in Connecticut require mediation before a divorce can go to trial.

Initial meeting

The first step after you initiate a mediation is to meet the mediator. The mediator will review the ground rules for the process and the sessions during this meeting. The parties will agree to a prioritized list of issues settled through the mediation. The mediation attorney will file the necessary paperwork with the court.

Information gathering

The mediation attorney will direct you to obtain documentation of various assets and accounts. The documentation includes bank statements, valuations and appraisals.

Plan for children

If you and your ex-spouse share children, the mediator will review each party’s desires regarding the custody of the children. The mediation attorney will discuss work and schedule issues to encourage the parties to reach the best agreement for all involved.

Draft an agreement

After you discuss the issues and document all information, the parties will indicate the areas of agreement. The mediation attorney will draft a contract that spells out the resolution of the problems.

The mediation process puts the parties in control of determining child custody and property distribution after a divorce.