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Is long distance co-parenting possible?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Family Law |

When dealing with a co-parenting situation, it is ideal for the parents and child if both parents can live in a close range to one another. Unfortunately, that is not always the way things work out.

One co-parent may need to live a significant distance away for a period of time. They may serve in the military, or perhaps they must take care of an aging or ill relative. Whatever the case, is it possible to make co-parenting work in even these situations?

Setting the right parameters

Onward discusses the possibility of long-distance co-parenting. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for long-distance co-parenting to work. Parents cannot treat it in the same way they might treat co-parenting from a closer proximity, however.

First, parents need to set parameters with one another in terms of contact. For example, the custodial co-parent likely does not want their phones blowing up at all hours with surprise calls from the parent living at a distance.

It is important to set a schedule not only for the benefit of both co-parents, but for the children, too. Sticking to a set schedule helps to show a child that the co-parent is both reliable and responsible even if they cannot live nearby.

Minding your child’s comfort

Of course, it is also important to meet the child where they are most comfortable. For example, some children may want a lot of check-ins, while others might need more space. Even the preferred method of contact differs from kid to kid, with some preferring phone calls, others preferring video chats and others wanting texts instead.

The key to building a good parent-child relationship even from a distance is quality over quantity regarding time spent together. These are just a few ways to prioritize such a thing.