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What to do if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Divorce |

If you are going through a divorce, one of the major steps in the process is identifying all assets so you can divide them equitably. However, some spouses hide assets so the other spouse is not aware of them.

If you feel that your spouse is not being honest about all of his or her assets, there are ways that you can find hidden ones.

Do some detective work

FindLaw discusses that you may be able to uncover certain clues that your spouse is hiding something. Start your search online and look through your spouse’s social media accounts, LinkedIn profile and online banking statements. Keep an eye out for expensive gifts or strange deposits/withdrawals that do not match up with your spouse’s income. If you have access to your spouse’s phone, you may be able to identify unknown apps for stocks or financial institutions.

Also pay attention to behavior. Notice if your spouse is acting secretive or if the lifestyle defies what you think he or she can normally afford.

Involve the legal system

You likely will not be able to find everything on your own. If you are going through litigation for the divorce process, you can ask the judge to request full financial disclosure, as this makes it illegal for your spouse to lie. You may also find out things via depositions.

Hire financial investigators

In complex situations, hiring a financial investigator may be worth the money. CNBC discusses that employing a forensic expert is especially helpful if you suspect your spouse is hiding money in cryptocurrency accounts. This financial expert has the skills to undercover harder-to-find assets.