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Family law matters include pre and postnuptial agreements

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Family Law |

Once a proposal occurs, couples in Connecticut often become caught up in the planning of their wedding. In the bliss that follows an engagement and the hectic time of wedding planning, some may overlook the importance of planning for their future. This includes matters of family law such as the creation of a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract created by two people prior to their marriage. It facilitates an honest discussion about assets and debts and helps couples plan for how their assets will be distributed in the event of a divorce. It also allows them to spell out how who will be responsible for certain financial obligations, such as who will pay bills. Certain parameters must be met in order for the agreement to be upheld in court. For example, if one person is coerced into signing it, the court can toss the agreement.

Because some people do not create such an agreement prior to their marriage, they may wonder what options they have to protect their assets afterward. Fortunately, they have the option of creating a postnuptial agreement which provides the same protections but is signed after the marriage occurs. While they are an option for anyone who did not create a prenup, postnups may be especially useful for those who experienced a change in circumstances due to an inheritance or successful business.

The last thing on a couple’s mind when they marry is whether they will divorce. However, the reality is that many couples ultimately make the decision that their marriage is no longer working and make the difficult decision to end it. Consulting with an attorney with experience with family law matters in Connecticut to create a pre or postnuptial agreement can help significantly ease the process of ending a marriage.


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