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Family law: Connecticut teachers and kids’ home lives

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Family Law |

Most teachers agree that, if their students’ parents are divorcing, it’s best if they know about it. Although there is nothing under family law in Connecticut that says parents are obliged to tell their children’s teachers should they decide to separate, it may be in the best interest of their children, since kids spend a great amount of time around their teachers, and so they can gauge any changes in behavior. However, very few parents actually do tell their kids’ teachers about their home lives.

Yet, parents want to hear from teachers about their children’s behaviour as well. If those communication lines are open in both realms, troubling behaviour is more apt to be spotted. A teacher may spot something a parent might not or vice versa. Teachers have indicated that parents aren’t burdening them when they make them aware of what is happening in their students’ homes.

Letting teachers know why children might be distracted is important. It could make a difference in the way a child acts in class. Teachers say it is best when parents let them know in an email or with a handwritten note what is going on with their family life. Communication is key. 

The interests of children are always paramount in a divorce situation. Family law in Connecticut provides parents with the tools necessary to ensure that is the case. An attorney can provide guidance for his or her client who is looking for some of those tools to help the divorce process to go smoothly for everyone concerned.

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