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When can I modify a child support order in Connecticut?

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Going through a separation and no longer living with your child is a tough transition to go through. You likely worry about maintaining the connection that you once had with your child now that you no longer spend all of your time under the same roof. If you are paying child support, you may be struggling to keep up with payments, or you may be wondering if you are paying too much.

If your circumstances have changed since the initial child support order was put in place, it may be possible for you to file a petition to modify your child support payments. In many cases, you may experience a lowering of your child support obligations. The following are some of the circumstances in which it may be possible to modify your child support order in Connecticut.

If your child is now living with you

The person who is obligated to pay child support is usually the parent who does not live with their child the majority of the time. If your child has started to spend more time at your home, your expenses have likely gone up, while the other parent’s expenses have gone down. For this reason, it may be possible to modify the child support order.

If your child’s living costs have altered

The cost of providing for a child can change over time. This is especially true when a child is engaged in extra-curricular activities, or if the child has a specific medical condition. If you believe that your child’s costs of care have significantly increased or decreased, you can file a petition to alter the child support order.

If you have experienced a significant change in income

Child support obligations are calculated in direct accordance with the income of the paying parent. Therefore, if you have recently lost your job or your income has been reduced, you will be obligated to pay less.

To modify child support in Connecticut, you must show that you are paying a minimum of 15% in excess. You need to show that your situation has changed significantly. You should also take action in filing a petition as soon as you are aware that the situation has changed.