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Preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Divorce |

You may think that divorce is something which happens suddenly and without preparation. However, like anything else, divorces can be planned before they occur so that Connecticut couples can have a smooth transition while they end their lives together. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we understand that sometimes you need guidance to navigate this process.

One of the benefits of preparing for your divorce is that it allows you to consider things such as your finances while you are not under the stress that accompanies the process. When you first realize that a divorce is necessary, it can be helpful to sit down and compile a list of your priorities. Think about your property and finances. Knowing in advance how you want to divide your retirement account and marital property may make it easier to untangle your financial situation. Additionally, consider how you would like your spouse to be involved in your children’s lives, and what an ideal custody situation might look like.

It is easy to think that once you have a plan in mind for your children and finances, you have covered everything. However, there are other things you must bear in mind. During your preparation, it is important to remember your investments and insurance plans. Typically, you need to come up with a solution for these intangible goods, as well.

Even with the best planning, there may be choices about your property and children which you and your spouse cannot agree on. Sometimes the agreements you make may sound good initially, but have unintended consequences. Our page on preparing your divorce can help you understand some of the steps you may want to take.