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Divorce in Connecticut: How to break it to a spouse

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Divorce |

Gone are the days when one partner in a marriage had to ask the other for a divorce. That’s not to say it’s always easy to tell a spouse it’s over. If the marriage has been overtly sad and bad for some time, bringing up divorce may not be such a surprise. But if spouses in Connecticut have been living in a state of indifference or apathy, it may be more difficult to broach the subject. 

A couple who is unhappily married may only be making things worse for everyone involved by staying together. When one spouse tells the other he or she wants a divorce, it’s likely just the beginning of a long list of questions that need to get answered. That may be part of the reason actually uttering the words, ‘I want a divorce,’ may be so difficult. But there are ways to try to make the conversation less daunting and uncomfortable. 

Setting aside specific time for communication is an important step to letting a partner know his or her spouse is thinking about divorce. Blurting it out randomly may not be the best idea. A private place to have the talk is also important, especially if it’s not known how the person will take the news. Chances are he or she might already know what the discussion will entail, but if not, then privacy is even more crucial. The conversation shouldn’t be drawn out — the more brief, the better and rehashing old conversations and placing blame shouldn’t be a part of the scenario.

It’s best to avoid discussing legalities at this stage. That may be the job of the lawyer’s involved in the divorce process. A Connecticut lawyer can provide ongoing advice and assistance to his or her client as the divorce process begins and through each step thereafter.

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