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Children feel the effects of divorce into adulthood

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Divorce |

It doesn’t matter how old children are, when their parents split up — it’s hard and it hurts. Divorce of parents is something Connecticut children, along with all kids, may carry with them their entire lives. In fact, the author of a book about adult children of divorce says she was shocked to learn, during her research, that many children carry that pain into adulthood even if their parents had so-called good divorces.

Many adults of divorced parents have unexpressed feelings from trying to keep both parents happy. Add to that the feelings of abandonment and many adults in this boat wrestle with unresolved issues for the rest of their lives. Children of divorce are expected to accept reality and move forward with some type of closure, especially if their parents remarry and start new families.They also try to come to terms with the feeling that they no longer belong to a real family, which carries into adulthood as well.

The bottom line is that children never ever get over their parents’ divorce. But most of these adults have a penchant for hiding their pain. The after effects of divorce can present themselves long after children grow up and have families of their own.

So, it is incumbent upon Connecticut parents going through a divorce to allow their children to express their emotions about the split. A compassionate lawyer may not only be able to offer legal advice to a divorcing client, but may also be able to offer some tips about parenting in these circumstances. A lawyer may also have access to the names of other professionals who might be able to help both kids and their parents to handle the feelings that come with divorce.