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How Connecticut parents can help their kids through divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Divorce |

Giving divorce news to children can be heartbreaking. But as difficult as that is likely to be, it’s important that both parents in Connecticut to share the burden together even if they find it nearly impossible to be in the same room with each other. Having both parents tell them about the divorce is what’s best for the children. Telling them plainly and simply and without malice so they will understand is the best bet. Simply saying that mom and dad can’t live in the same house anymore may be all that’s needed for a child to get it. 

Kids need to know they’re not to blame for their parents splitting up. They need to know they’re still loved and that both parents will be there for them if that is indeed the case. Putting children of the middle of any squabbles is not fair to them, nor is it emotionally healthy. Not keeping kids in the dark about the changes they will be going through is one way of helping them to cope and to come to terms with their soon-to-be new lifestyle.

Since kids are creatures of habit, minimizing the impacts on their daily lives will be in their best interests. Keeping them in their current school is one way to help them. They have a stream of friends and teachers in whom they may be able to confide and that is very helpful for kids of divorce. Listening to a child’s feelings can help both parents to help their children through the rough times. 

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved, especially kids. When parents know the laws involved when it comes to their children and divorce, it may make helping them through it easier. A Connecticut lawyer may be able to offer wise advice when it comes to kids and divorce and even provide access to other who may be able to help such as family counselors.