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Connecticut residents can heal after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Divorce |

Humans are creatures of habit. No matter how long a couple is married, when they make the decision to divorce, it can be hard to let go of the things that once were. But with a little time and patience, Connecticut residents who find themselves living the single life once again will be able to move ahead and let go both physically and emotionally.

Processing feelings and allowing them to come instead of repressing them is one way of beginning to heal. Both love and anger can be a part of the mix. Letting go of anger is a precursor to beginning a healing journey. It is paramount to forgiveness. There may be one partner in the marriage who may have hopes of a reconciliation, but learning to let go of the love that once was will help people to come to terms with a breakup.

Personal, material objects really should be put in a box and donated to charity or given to family members and friends. Continuing to wear a wedding ring is not emotionally healthy.  Neither is eating off the china that was once shared with a spouse. Doing a purge of these objects can be very liberating and bring home the realization that things are really done.

When Connecticut residents approach divorce with a realistic view, they may be able to move ahead positively as single people. Knowing the legalities of what divorce entails may make that easier to do. A divorce attorney may be able to help his or clients become more clear on the divorce process and provide additional help by offering the names of other experts — such as therapists — who might be able to help clients move through a divorce.