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Divorce: How to decide if a marriage is really over

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Divorce |

People who say I do don’t do so with the thought that someday they will be saying I don’t. But divorce is a part of life for many Connecticut couples. The decision to part ways does not come easily for many couples, and before deciding to file for divorce, individuals might want to ask themselves some difficult questions that weigh the positives and negatives of their situations.

It is true that divorce may shed a bleak light on various areas, such as relationships with children and other family members and colleagues, and it may also adversely affect a person’s health. The question is whether someone is better off staying in a marriage or better off divorcing a partner. The answers may be as unique as the people needing to answer them.

Prior to making any definitive decisions, couples might do well to remove other stress from their lives and try to have as much stability as possible. Making rash decisions is not in the best interests of anyone. Unless there is violence involved, these decisions should be made taking some time and perhaps with the help of a therapist.

Having a talk with a Connecticut divorce lawyer may also be enlightening. An attorney will be able to tell a client exactly what’s involved in the divorce process, so a client may be able to make informed decisions regarding the legal aspects of divorce. Making such a life-changing decision takes some thought, and although the decision is personal, a lawyer may be able to provide a client with any legal information pertaining to issues that might affect his or her life, such as spousal support or child custody.