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Why should you break news of divorce with your co-parent?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Divorce |

Working through divorce as a parent is a stressful endeavor. You want to ensure you are going about things in the least harmful way possible. But how can you minimize damage in a meaningful way?

One way to do so is by working together with your co-parent to break news of divorce. But why is this better than trying to tackle the matter individually?

Keeping information non-biased

Psychology Today takes a look at the impact of divorce on children and what you can do to mitigate some damage. Working together with your co-parent to discuss the eventual split is one of the top suggestions.

First, this allows you to keep each other in check. If you present the information together, you can ensure that both parties find it as fair and non-biased as possible. You may wish to bring a mediator on board to help with this if you find yourself struggling to reach an agreement.

Next, it lets you prepare in advance for any questions your child may have. You can decide together how you want to answer them. You can also choose what information you will keep to yourself during this time.

Creating a feeling of stability

Presenting information together also helps convey a sense of unity to your child. This may provide them with a greater feeling of stability, too. They can look at you and know that you will work together for their benefit even in the midst of a divorce, which can serve as powerful reassurance.

Combined, these factors can help smooth the way to acceptance of a changed future.