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What are the benefits of mediation in your child custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Family Law |

For many divorcing parents, figuring out a child custody arrangement that will work for everyone involved can be tricky. Sometimes it becomes so contentious that a couple ends up in court fighting for what they believe to be their rights as parents.

However, mediation can help lower the tension and ensure that both parents and children get consideration in the process when filing for custody in Connecticut. If you are unsure if mediation will work for you, consider these benefits.

It is better for your children’s wellbeing

Children whose parents are divorcing can experience high levels of stress, and when the divorce is contentious, it can be even worse. When you choose mediation, your children can see you working together to create a child custody arrangement that is good for everyone involved.

It gives you more control of the outcome

Some divorcing parents think that they are more likely to get what they want if they take their custody fight to the courtroom. On the contrary, you have more control over the final arrangement when you mediate. You and your ex-spouse can decide what is best for your family’s specific needs.

It improves your co-parenting skills

Once you finalize the divorce, you still have to co-parent with your ex. Mediation gives you the chance to work through the complicated emotions and issues that come up during a divorce, which you will have to do as long as you have to co-parent.

Determining a child custody setup that everyone feels good about is possible. When you choose mediation, you choose better relationships, more control and a positive direction for your family.