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Debunking the stigma around divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Divorce, Family Law |

When you decide that your marriage no longer works, you may feel a range of emotions. Guilt and shame may become prominent if you feel like everyone will consider you a failure.

Divorce no longer carries the same social stigma it once did. A 60 percent divorce rate shows that many have made the same choice as you. The reasons your marriage does not work are yours to process. Instead of focusing on the negative, shift to reflecting on the good that may come out of it.

You may experience a decrease in stress

Was there conflict in your marriage? Unless you and your spouse decided the marriage was not working, the uncoupling probably happened after a stressful period of anger, frustration and possibly hurt. Once the divorce is over, and you are free to move forward, you may feel relieved. Without the negative emotions and situations swirling, your mental and physical health may improve.

You may regain your confidence

A divorce may make you feel broken and unworthy. These feelings likely took root within you before the separation. The process itself, the dividing of finances and children’s time, may result in further degradation of your self-worth. Having to proceed forward on your own may result in a boost to your confidence as you celebrate every accomplishment. A restoration of your self-worth may take time, but your quality of life and happiness will increase with each passing day.

The process to legally end your marriage may prove frustrating and difficult to walk through. Choosing to focus on the good that you may experience on the other side may help you manage the process better.