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Will posting on social media about my divorce affect my case?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Divorce |

When you got married, you announced it online. Every photo from the engagement to the birth of your children was public. But now, your marriage is ending. You have become accustomed to sharing every detail of your life on social media, so should you also publicize your separation?

The internet is all about perception, and even small details about your life could make a difference in court. According to the American Bar Association, social media posts are admissible discovery in court when relevant to the case.

Your personal life is all over the internet

Lawyers can use anything you put online against you. Money exchange apps could reveal a night out you had not disclosed. Someone could twist an innocent remark about your teenager ordering dinner for themselves to say you are not present for your child. Reacting to posts on various platforms could provide information about your social life. Though these things may seem harmless, they could damage your case.

The timing of your announcement matters

Think twice before you declare yourself single on social media. Do not post about your breakup before you have been able to inform your children or other family members. That is difficult news that should come directly from you, not from a forwarded link. Leaking upsetting information to your followers before your family could weigh negatively against your case.

Some people only share the perfect details of their lives online, while others unload all their dirty laundry. It is best to keep your life offline until your divorce is final, no matter your internet style.