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Debunking common myths about mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Divorce |

Mediation is an alternative to divorce court that seeks to save your family money, time and undue emotional pain. Still, there are many misconceptions about the efficacy of mediation that prevent couples from arriving at an agreement without the interference of the courts.

A few of the most common myths about mediation include:

Mediation is for simple cases where the parties are amicable

Divorce is never as simple as it seems, even for short-lived marriages without children or assets to consider. The more complicated your issues are, the harder they are to resolve when you and your spouse are only communicating via divorce attorneys. A mediator will listen to your concerns and facilitate compromises that serve the interests of everyone involved.

We have too many high-value assets for divorce mediation to work

A public trial for a high net-worth divorce can be a long, costly and embarrassing endeavor. Mediation allows you to resolve issues around the distribution of your sizable assets and property privately and without unnecessary legal fees.

An agreement reached in mediation is legally binding

The alternative to reaching your own divorce agreement is having to abide by a judge’s ruling. Through mediation, you and your spouse have agency over the negotiations and you agree to alimony, property division and child custody arrangements that work for you. Nothing is set in stone until the court reviews and approves your finalized agreement.

You know better than anyone what is best for your family, and mediation may be exactly what you need to dissolve your marriage and start rebuilding your life after divorce.