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License suspension and contempt charges over back support

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Family Law |

If you owe child support and cannot make payments, you need to understand the serious consequences that could arise. For example, you could lose your driver’s license, as well as other licenses, and face contempt of court charges. It is vital to understand how these penalties could affect your life and take steps to address child support challenges you face immediately.

Depending on your circumstances, you could have the ability to modify your child support order. You should also try to set aside money for future child support payments and review whether a payment plan can help you get caught up if you have fallen behind.

Losing your licenses over back support

According to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, unpaid child support could result in license suspension. If the state determines that you failed to follow your child support order and pay what you owe, they could suspend your driver’s license. Additionally, you could face the suspension of your occupational, recreational professional license.

License suspension could disrupt your life in different ways, preventing you from driving to work and leading to additional financial hurdles.

Back support and contempt of court

If you fail to pay child support in accordance with a court order, you could face contempt of court charges. Contempt charges could require you to make a lump sum payment, and you could even spend time behind bars until you pay a particular amount.

If you worry about losing your licenses or spending time in jail as a result of back child support, you need to review the individual details of your case and do everything you can to stay current or get caught up.