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When to modify a child custody or visitation order

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Child Custody |

A child custody or visitation order is a legally enforceable document that can help you and your former spouse fulfill your parental rights. Sometimes, you may find it challenging to follow all the terms in the arrangement, making one or two misses reasonable. But when the violations become repetitive or habitual, you may face legal consequences, especially if the misconduct seems intentional.

If the setup no longer works for you and your family, it might be time to request the court to modify the order. In most cases, missing custody-related responsibilities happen because the family has experienced significant life changes, making the existing arrangement obsolete. Still, a modification request may only be valid based on specific conditions.

Verifying if a modification is necessary

There is no way to guarantee that the court will grant your requested modification. But in Connecticut, it can be likely if your situation meets certain conditions. Firstly, the court may only have the authority to grant the modification if a state court issued the existing order. If the document came from outside the state, you may need a more complex approach to validate the request.

Additionally, the court will evaluate your circumstances. Before granting it, the judge may review the case details to determine if the change in your family’s situation is significant enough and whether the changes will benefit the child. If one or more of these conditions are absent, the court might deny your request.

Addressing custody-related issues effectively

Aside from requesting a modification, you could have other options to address challenges associated with the child custody or visitation order. In these scenarios, seeking legal counsel can help you determine the most appropriate way to sort out these issues, allowing you to fulfill your parental responsibilities appropriately.